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Simply a well built watch.
"Looks great and doesn’t care how many steps I take!! Great value! "
"A great looking watch with no frills, simple, elegant. It has made my weekly rotation. "
Great Watch
"Excellent quality. Highly recommend."
George C.
Strap too long
"I do really like the look and the quality of the watch. The one thing I do not like about the watch is how long the strap is, I am still trying to figure out how to wear it without it flipping all over the place. I know in the instructions it states to fold it back over on itself because it is designed to fit over a wet suit, I have never or will never wear a wetsuit. I feel this is something that should be made clear before you purchase the watch or at least have an option for a shorter strap."
John H.
Solid Piece of Gear
"Beautiful watch for the price point. Solid, well crafted with a very precise movement…and the interchangeable bands are an added bonus. It’s elegant yet rugged simplicity was another reason for the purchase. Very pleased."
Christopher T.
vaer watch white dial
"watch is great works perfect, this is my second vaer watch purchase & gave this one to my wife, she loves it "
Timothy B.
Well-crafted classic style at great value
"loved everything about watch from simple packaging to beautiful appearance on the wrist with either straps. Blue face is a great color to set off the clean lines of the watch. I do wish the nylon straps had a little more weight to them, maybe I will put a leather strap into the mix…."
Great watch
"Great all around watch for an active lifestyle while still having a fancy look"
New Favorite!
"I've been looking for a weekender with a white face and navy band. Not only did I get that with this watch, I got a black band too! Highly recommend this watch even if you don't need it do be waterproof (added plus!)"
Patrick G.
Great product!
"I have worn both bands with the watch, one leather and love them both. Changing them out can be a bit tricky, I sent a spring flying across the room once. Thankfully, I quickly found it. But so far I am very pleased with the watch and it looks great with both bands. "
Colin K.
An extra go around
"I love my Vaer watch. The first one I had broke because the seal failed while swimming. I sent it to Vaer and they sent me a brand new one immediately. Any company that has such great customer support and stands behind their product this way is solid in my book."
Nice solid watch
"My Vaer came packaged nicely. It was fun to hear the “ooo’s” as my daughter did the unboxing. The band was easy to install and fits perfectly; even the excess fits great in the perfectly positioned metal keepers. I like how the watch “floats” above the band by the band’s design. While setting the time, I found the screw down crown and hand movements to be impressively solid and sturdy. I have worn the Vaer for a week on flights, in chemical plants and at home doing light mechanical work. The Vaer has been wet throughout, performed well and still looks new. I will be keeping an eye out for future Vaer watches. In particular, I would like to see a date window and will probably go for a face with numbers. Great watch overall and I feel it is one that will endure and one I will be able to pass down. "
Anthony F.
Great watch for my needs
"Very nice. Functionality is great, water proof and looks good. "
Rusty W.
Great watch
"The watch is well built. The leather strap dresses it up nice and the nato strap is good for every day wear. I had a problem with one of the spring bars on the leather strap and customer service quickly resolved it."
Nice watch
"I like the simple style of the watch and the fact that is water proof. I also like the fact I can change bands to match what I am wearing. The wife likes that aspect of that. "
Time to Review
"I only received the watch a week+ ago; but I've worn it everyday since. In short, I am a big fan. Great watch for the money. Not much else to say - it has my endorsement. "
Terrific watch
"While the initial order of this watch posed a few challenges, once things were squared away, I can say I now own an extremely useful and handsome time piece. I wanted an instrument that could stand up to some field exposure and still look good as well keep precision time. The Vaer Classic/Dark Horween watch does those jobs very well. I can also offer that the staff members I dealt with were extremely competent, helpful, and prompt. From my stand point at this point in time, it is a great product from a responsible company."
Better than expected
"Wow- great value. Well made and handsome. Simple and easy to read."
Practical Solid Watch
"So far I'm very happy with this watch. It came to me in Canada very quickly, everything worked. The design is attractive, its solid, sized well. I prefer minimal watch designs, and I needed something for surfing / climbing. It came recommended by friends in the dive watch community, so I'm pleased thus far."
Great Watch
"Solid watch. Can be worn on a 24 hour shift at the fire station or to a nice dinner with the wife. Didn’t want anything fancy just a watch I could count on with a good warranty. "
Took a chance that paid off
"I saw this advertised randomly in my Instagram feed one day and it caught my attention as exactly the style of a much loved watch I had lost recently. The price was reasonable enough to take a chance on it as a birthday gift to myself. I'm very happy with the style and quality. I also love that it came with a second band to swap out when I like. worth it!"
Jason R.
My son's First Real Watch
"I bought this for my 15yo son. I discovered VAER watches as I was going through Instagram-as an ad. I was intrigued. I had sold watches almost 20 years ago and new what I was looking for, but my taste in watches was not my sons. We both agreed it should be a divers watch, but the clean lines and simple but classic look of your watches was very appealing to him. Then to get the best of both worlds, WR100, screw down crown/case back, sapphire crystal, Swiss movement and two bands to boot, all for less than $200!! We (He) couldn't be happier! He has already been swimming, tubing with his VAER watch it and still looks brand new. I applaud you for doing something that seems lost in the sea of "cheap" watches, you've made a solid, beautiful and well made timepiece that looks more expensive than it was, and all Assembled in the US! We're proud to be a customer and a wearer of your watches! "
Eric M.
Great strap!
"Nice and bright!"
Fredy S.
"I like the simplicity and durability of the watch. The great customer service is a huge plus as well."
Tanner H.
Great buy!
"I love the watch, price was great, quality is top notch! Looks nice with whatever you wear for the day. I myself went with the brown leather band and black nylon. Go from casual to class in just a moment. No need for two watches. "
classic watch
"so far so good, very classic lines on this watch that I've enjoyed wearing. Trading out nato straps has made this watch very versatile. This is a casual watch not to be confused with dress watches which is fine as thats what I was looking for. Good watch at a good price!!!! "
Louie R.
"Really love my new looks great, it's light and looks good with any attire...loved the spinning wheel discount deal, $40 bucks off with my spin...very cool idea!!!"
Great Watch
"Very happy with the watch and packaging. I went with the classic dark face which compliments the khaki and looks sharp with the black nato strap. It was had to tel from the website if the face is navy blue or black, I would describe it as a subtle midnight blue. It does not get hung up on button up dress shirt cuffs. Looking forward to take it out on the River."
Rachel P.
Solid value - hopefully it holds up as well as it looks
"Solid value - hopefully it holds up as well as it looks. Would be great to see you other some alternative finish to the case in the future. No doubt this is coming, but would make me buy more - PVD, bead blasted, etc."