FKM Tropic Strap

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Waterproof Warranty

Guaranteed 100% ocean-ready.

Two Straps Standard

Our 20mm straps are interchangeable

Feet of Water Resistance

This watch is perfect for swimming and surfing, and it's protected by our waterproof warranty.


Five Star Reviews

Our success has been built on delivering exceptional value to our owners.

The Perfect Everyday Watch

1. Ocean-Ready

Life is unpredictable. The perfect everyday watch needs to provide peace of mind in all conditions. Whether you're heading out in the rain or taking a jump in the pool, this watch never needs to be left on the sidelines.

2. Scratch Resistant

Impact is inevitable. When it happens, you want to be sure your watch won't scratch. That's why we use premium sapphire crystal to protect our dials (the second hardest material after diamond).

3. Easy Customization

Every day is different. And the easiest way to switch up the look (and functionality) of your watch is to change straps. That's why every Vaer watch ships with 2x quick-change strap options.


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FKM Tropic Strap
FKM Tropic Strap Sale price$ 40
Water Resistance


2x Straps




Confidence to Disconnect

Our mission at Vaer is to make products that will last and become more important and personally significant over time. While luxury and technology have a place in modern life, the products we love the most are durable everyday items that promote values of simplicity and independence.

Freedom in Customization

Every watch we've ever sold has come standard with two interchangeable 20mm Vaer straps. This cross-compatibility across our entire product line, gives owners increased functionality and value, with the option to easily change up their strap.

"Our upgraded FKM Tropic Strap is the perfect all-condition strap, blending extreme comfort and vintage aesthetics."

- Reagan Cook and Ryan Torres, Vaer Co-Founders

The Perfect Everyday Strap

We're excited to officially introduce our vision for the perfect everyday Tropic strap for individual purchase. Previously, only available for sale with our D5, D7, and G7 Divers, the FKM Diver is compatible with all Vaer watches.

Quick Release

Locking Pins

The Vaer FKM Tropic Strap features quick-release springbar system that's easy to install, but incredibly secure on-wrist.


Premium Rubber

Flourine rubber is the undisputed premium choice for watch straps for its high density, durability, and comfortable fit.



Fits All Vaer Watches

The Black Tropic strap fits perfectly with all Vaer watches, as well as other watches with a 20mm lug-width.

Technical Specifications

  • Model
    Lug Fit
    Strap Color
    Case Material
    Fits Wrists
  • FKM Tropic Strap
    FKM Rubber
    316L Steel
    6.5" - 8.5"
    42 grams

Core Features

  • Guaranteed waterproof warranty
    24-month warranty
    Satin brushed steel links
    Vaer engraving on buckle
    2x FKM Keepers
  • Quick Release Pins
  • Compatible with All Vaer Models

Trusted Everywhere

The Vaer FKM Tropic Strap has been years in the making and we're incredibly excited to finally add it to our line-up. While it is a new product offering, it comes with the same iron-clad guarantee of all our other watches and straps.

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