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G5 Meridian True GMT

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Why do owners love theΒ G5?

1) Our First True GMT

This is a nice true GMT watch to be had under $1,000. Love the functionality and how quickly you can set the time when you have crossed over to a new time zone.

Panagiotis P.Β | Verified Buyer

2) American Sourcing

I absolutely love my G5. Nicely made, and I like the fact that it’s an American made company on top of it being assembled and QC'ed here.

Austin G.Β | Verified Buyer

3) Stellar Build Quality

I have owned Rolexes in the past and can say first-hand that the Vaer G5's quality and workmanship rivals that of the Subbie and 1675 GMT.

Steve.| Verified Buyer

Our Bestselling GMT

"The new Vaer G5 checks all the major boxes in terms of what a person could want from a travel watch, while still remaining firmly on the affordable side of the spectrum."

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