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Sizing Guide

Need Help Choosing a Case Size?

Here at Vaer our goal is to build watches that can be worn everyday, in all conditions. A critical aspect of longterm wear is comfort and fit. Having a watch that is either too big, or too small can quickly disqualify it from a place in your daily rotation. If you're new to watch case sizing, below is a general overview of the sizes of our 5 core case designs.

If you'd like to read our comprehensive guide to case sizing click here.

Watches are measured by case diameter. This measurement does not include the crown or lugs.

1) 36mm - Smaller Wrists
2) 38mm - Small/Medium Wrists
3) 39mm - Medium Wrists
4) 40mm - Medium Wrists
5) 42mm - Medium/Large Wrists

With that in mind, we've created this case sizing guide to help you choose the watch that is ideal for your particular wrist shape and style preference.

Notes: All Vaer watches are shown on the same 7 inch (177mm) diameter wrist. This is approximately the median wrist size of an adult man. Watches are shown in size from smallest to largest.

1) 36mm Field Case 

Sizing Guide: Best for Smaller Wrists
Suggested For:
6.25”- 7.25” wrists
36mm models: S3, C3, A3, A7, A12  

2) 38mm Dive Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Smaller Wrists
Suggested For:
 6.5”- 7.5” wrists
38mm models: DS4, D4, DS5, R1 Oceanracer

3) 39mm Dive Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium Wrists
Suggested For:
 6.5”- 7.75” wrists
39mm models: D5, G5, G7

4) 40mm Field Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium Wrists
Suggested For:
 6.5”- 7.75” wrists
40mm models: S5, C5, A5, A12, R1 Rally & Tactical

5) 42mm Dive Case 

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium/Large Wrists
Suggested For:
 7”- 8.5” wrists
42mm models: D4, DS4, DS5, D5

First Strap 🔒: Quick Release - Tropic Strap

First Strap 🔒

Second Strap (You Choose): Standard Steel Bracelet (+$50)

Second Strap (You Choose)

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Waterproof Warranty

Guaranteed 100% ocean-ready.

Two Straps Standard

Our 20mm straps are interchangeable

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Feet of Water Resistance

This watch is perfect for swimming and surfing, and it's protected by our waterproof warranty.


Five Star Reviews

Our success has been built on delivering exceptional value to our owners.

The Perfect Everyday Watch

Our vision for the perfect everyday diver. Simultaneously traditional and modern, elegant and rugged - this watch is an unrivaled, everyday-wearer, with the specs and credentials to put $3000+ watches to shame.

1. Ocean-Ready

Life is unpredictable. The perfect everyday watch needs to provide peace of mind in all conditions. Whether you're heading out in the rain or taking a jump in the pool, this watch never needs to be left on the sidelines.

2. Scratch Resistant

Impact is inevitable. When it happens, you want to be sure your watch won't scratch. That's why we use premium sapphire crystal to protect our dials (the second hardest material after diamond).

3. Easy Customization

Every day is different. And the easiest way to switch up the look (and functionality) of your watch is to change straps. That's why every Vaer watch ships with 2x quick-change strap options.


Watches for Every Budget

Compare with similar watches

Many of our watches look similar, though have very different prices. This is due to movement type (the watch's power source), and assembly origin. Below you can find a chart comparing how different models stack up.

D5 Tropic - USA Auto 39mm
D5 Tropic - USA Auto 39mm Sale priceFrom $ 599
D5 Meridian Navy - USA Auto 39mm
D5 Tropic - USA Auto 39mm
D5 Tropic - USA Auto 39mm Sale priceFrom $ 599
D5 Meridian Navy - USA Auto 39mm
Water Resistance

200 meters (20ATM)

200 meters (20ATM)

200 meters (20ATM)

Sapphire Crystal

Dial (Double Domed) & Caseback

Dial (Domed)

Dial (Double Domed) & Caseback

2x Straps





Japan Automatic

Solar Quartz

Japan Automatic

Pride in USA Craftsmanship

We've always invested in USA sourcing, and today, we're proud to be the largest independent watch assembler in the United States. We're committed to American production not only because it improves product quality, but also because it adds a strong sense of identity to our brand.

Confidence to Disconnect

Our mission at Vaer is to make products that will last and become more important and personally significant over time. While luxury and technology have a place in modern life, the products we love the most are durable everyday items that promote values of simplicity and independence.

Freedom in Customization

Every watch we've ever sold has come standard with two interchangeable 20mm Vaer straps. This cross-compatibility across our entire product line, gives owners increased functionality and value, with the option to easily change up their strap.

"Vaer is guiding people toward an enthusiast design language in a way we haven't seen before."

- Hodinkee

"Few 20ATM automatic divers are assembled in the States. A sleek design—classic dive-watch bezel, see-through case back, luminous minute markers—put it over the top."

Professional Grade
Individually Made

We're excited to officially introduce our vision for the perfect everyday diver. Simultaneously traditional and modern, elegant and rugged - this watch is an unrivaled, everyday-wearer, with the specs and credentials to put $2000+ watches to shame.  


Water Resistance Rating

All Vaer watches are ocean-ready. The D5 goes to the limits of real-world depth exposure.


Domed Crystal

The D5 features a scratch resistant double domed top crystal, and a sapphire caseback.


Assembly and Testing

The D5 is assembled and tested in America, and includes a signed certificate from the technician.

Guaranteed Waterproof

20ATM tested with a locking crown

Vaer has always been an ocean-based brand. Headquartered half a mile from the Pacific coastline, we view water resistance not merely as a hypothetical "nice-to-have," but as a functional everyday necessity. While the locking 10ATM rating of our current watch line-up covers 95% of in-water use cases, it was important that the Diver went a step above. At 20ATM we believe this watch will cover all real-world depth exposures, while maintaining highly requested aesthetic features such as slim profile and a sapphire exhibition caseback.

2x Easy Change Straps

Endless Customization with Extra Straps

The D5 collection offers a range of customization, not only offering a wide range of dial designs, but also a full lineup of our 20mm interchangeable straps. All D5 watches now come standard a comfortable and functional waterproof Tropic strap, and your choice of a custom second strap, which include options such as our USA made Horween Leathers straps, our premium quick release steel bracelet, and a range of ocean-ready nylon designs. To add even more functionality to your watch, you can also bundle a 3rd strap of your choice, from our full range of color combinations.

Assembled in USA

An investment in American craftsmanship

Your daily wristwatch is an incredibly important and personal object, and we think you should have a choice of where it's put together. While we do offer the choice of Swiss and Asian assembly, our core offering is USA assembly by our team of technicians. The D5 line is powered by the ultra-thin Japanese made 9015 movement, though we are exploring the option of an American made movement in the future.

Technical Specifications


D5 Meridian USA Automatic Diver


Dark Navy Sunray Dial, Gold Gilt Raised Indices

Case Material

316L Stainless Steel

Case Dimensions

39mm x 48mm x 11.6mm (13.7mm w/ crystal)


Double Domed Sapphire w/ internal AR coating

Case Back

Sapphire Exhibition


Miyota 9039

Water Resistance


Case Weight

66 grams


Screw down

Power Reserve

40 Hours

Movement Details

28,800 beat rate, Hacking Seconds, Date


Anodized Aluminum 120 Click Uni-Directional Bezel


15 Layer X1 C1 Super-LumiNova Hands & Numerals

Regulated Accuracy

-5/+15 sec / day


FKM Tropic Strap (Standard), Nylon, Bracelet, Leather (Optional)

Strap Size

20mm (Compatible with all Vaer straps)

Bracelet Details

Dive Clasp, 4 Micro Adjustments, Solid end links, 18mm Taper


24 Months (Waterproof Guarantee)


$599 - $699


United States of America

Choose the Ideal Straps for Your Dive Watch

What's the best way to add value to a watch? In our opinion, it's being able to easily change-up your straps. While all Divers ship with the black tropic strap, the choice of second strap is up to you. Check out the options below to choose a strap that best fits your needs  

Tropic Strap - Black

Comfortable & waterproof

Quick Release Bracelet

Timeless & Indestructible

Lined Horween - Tan

Beautiful & luxurious

Nylon - Khaki

Fast-changing & waterproof

Lined Horween - Black

Beautiful & luxurious

Nylon Single Pass - Khaki

Rugged & Waterproof

Built to Last a Lifetime

Vaer is a small self-funded company, and we’ve spent countless hours designing and building the D5 watch. We hope you love it as much as we do. But if for some reason there's a problem or it's not a fit, you can get in touch with us, and as the founders we'll do everything we can to ensure you have a positive experience with our brand.

Free Shipping

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Due to batch assembly and demand, all dive watches ship will ship first come, first serve.

Easy Returns

Full Refund within 30 Days

We think you'll love this watch. If not, we make it easy to exchange.

Full Warranty

2 Year Complete Coverage

All Vaer watches are sold with a 24 month guaranteed warranty.

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