Watch Sizing Guide

Here at Vaer our goal is to build watches that can be worn everyday, in all conditions. A critical aspect of longterm wear is comfort and fit. Having a watch that is either too big, or too small can quickly disqualify it from a place in your daily rotation. If you're new to watch case sizing, below is a general overview of the sizes of our 5 core case designs.

Watches are measured by case diameter

This measurement is made from the widest point of the case wall and is typically in millimeters (mm). This distance does not include the crown, lugs or bezel.

Vaer currently builds watches in 5 core case sizes:

1) 36mm - Small Wrists
2) 38mm - Small/Med Wrists
3) 39mm - Medium Wrists
4) 40mm - Medium Wrists
5) 42mm - Medium/Large Wrists

The sizing references above are only a starting point. To help you find the ideal watch sizes for your particular wrist shape and style preference we've created a comprehensive case sizing guide which you can find below.


Vaer's Most Popular Case Size


Average USA Men's Wrist Size

Compact and Retro-Sized

36mm Field Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Smaller Wrists
Suggested For: 6.25”- 7.25” wrists
Models: S3, C3, A3, A7, A12

Our 36mm Field Case offers a classic, vintage look, reminiscent of mid-20th-century styles when smaller watches were more common. It's ideal for those who prefer a minimalist or less obtrusive timepiece. 

If you have a smaller wrist, this watch is an ideal size, offering a balanced look without overwhelming the wrist. If you have a larger wrist, a 36mm case is likely to appear quite discreet and might be preferred by individuals seeking a watch that's low-profile or for those who appreciate the elegance of smaller watches despite having a larger wrist diameter.

Inspired by the 1960s

38mm Dive Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Smaller Wrists
Suggested For: 6.5”- 8” wrists
Models: DS4, D4, DS5, R1 Oceanracer

Our 38mm Dive Case is designed to embody the spirit and durability of classic 1960s dive watches, a period revered for pioneering much of today’s dive watch aesthetics. This case size is meticulously crafted to offer a contemporary twist on a timeless design, making it a perfect companion for the modern adventurer who appreciates historical richness.

For enthusiasts with smaller to medium wrists, the 38mm case size provides an exceptional fit, reminiscent of the compact, yet distinctly robust dive watches of the 1960s. It ensures a significant presence on the wrist without overwhelming it, echoing the functional elegance that made those vintage pieces so enduring.

A Great Middle Ground

39mm Dive Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium Wrists
Suggested For: 6.5”- 7.75” wrists
Models: D5, G5, G7

Our 39mm dive case is the ideal medium case size, accommodating a broad spectrum of wrist sizes with an excellent balance of elegance and comfort. Regardless if you have smaller or larger wrists, the 39mm Dive Case is well-suited for most men, as it provides a noticeable yet sophisticated silhouette. It bridges the gap between subtlety and prominence, ensuring that the watch remains both a functional tool and a piece of distinguished craftsmanship.

It is the quintessential medium field watch size, offering versatility, comfort, and timeless style to a wide range of wrist sizes and personal tastes.

Our Most Popular Case Size

40mm Field Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium Wrists
Suggested For: 6.5”- 7.75” wrists
Models: S5, C5, A5, A12, R1 Rally & Tactical

Our 40mm Field Case was our original case size, and it still stands as the ideal medium case size, designed to embrace a wide array of wrist sizes with a great harmony of presence, readability, and comfort.

Whether your wrists are smaller or larger, the 40mm Field Case adapts gracefully, ensuring it's well-suited for most men. Its presence is pronounced yet refined, achieving a balance that accentuates its sophistication without compromising its practicality as a tool of distinguished craftsmanship.

In terms of comparison with the 36mm version, we recommend the 36mm option if your wrist is smaller than 7 inches, and the 40mm option if your wrist is larger than 7 inches.

Our Largest Case Size

42mm Dive Case

Sizing Guide: Best for Medium/Large Wrists
Suggested For: 7”- 8.5” wrists
Models: D4, DS4, DS5, D5

Our 42mm Dive Case is our largest case size, and is crafted for those who favor a watch with a more substantial presence on the wrist. Recognizing the trend towards larger, more assertive watch sizes, our 42mm case is especially suited for wrists larger than 7 inches, providing an optimal fit and visual balance for those with larger wrists.

With its generous proportions, the 42mm Dive Case offers a bold and modern silhouette that stands out, without sacrificing comfort or elegance. It's designed to cater not just to the practical needs of a diver's watch but to the aesthetic preferences of today's watch wearer, who appreciates a timepiece that makes a statement.

In the realm of dive watches, where visibility and reliability underwater are paramount, the 42mm case size enhances these aspects, making it not just a practical tool for divers but also a versatile accessory for everyday wear.

Why do we love smaller watches?

Here at Vaer, we tend to prioritize watches that are sized a bit smaller than current mainstream trends - with a 42mm case diameter being our LARGEST watch size. There are 3 key reasons for our preference for smaller watches:

1) Historical Aesthetics: 

Just like suits, jeans and neckties the size of watches has varied widely over the decades, with mens watches trending significantly larger and bulkier since the late 1990s. At Vaer, we prefer the mid-century aesthetics of the 1950s, 60s, and 1970s and our watches tend to reflect those classic proportions. If you think that sub-40mm watches are too feminine, you should keep in mind that figures like Muhammad Ali, JFK, and John Wayne all wore watches in the low 30mm range. Additionally, almost all the watches worn during WW2, the Korean War, and Vietnam were sub-35mm, because that size is more practical in a combat scenario.

2) Outdoor Functionality:

Whether you're surfing or golfing, having a big watch on your wrist, with a heavy steel bracelet is uncomfortable and impractical. From our own experience in the field, having a slim, low-profile watch on a flexible lightweight bracelet is the best option for extended wear (which is also why we offer interchangeable straps on all of our watches).

3) Cross Compatible Straps:

Our current range of 36mm to 42mm case diameters allow us to maintain a 20mm lug width on all Vaer models, meaning customers can swap nylon, rubber and leather straps between different watches they own.  In addition to adding a unique personality to your timepiece, changing your straps is a great way to increase a watches value and functionality.