Sæluhús (House of Bliss)

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A Shelter at the Edge of the World

As a brand founded on the principles of meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for the great outdoors, we're proud to introduce our latest documentary project, Sælehús (House of Bliss). This film, a collaboration between Icelandic surf filmmaker Elli Thor Magnusson and American adventure cinematographer Ben Weiland, captures an intimate journey of building a traditional Icelandic sæluhús — a small survival shelter — along the rugged, volcanic shores of Iceland.

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Can I visit Elli's shelter?

If you happen to be exploring the Icelandic coast - you're welcome to seek refuge in Elli's handbuilt shelter. While the location is hidden, he has left several clues within the documentary that give some evidence of where this hut can be found.

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