The Art and Abstraction of Surfboard Shaping

Our second Vaer film feature continues to explore the craft and culture of America's coastal communities, focusing on the life and work of renowned surfboard shaper Ryan Lovelace. The short form documentary was created in collaboration with award-winning ocean filmmaker Morgan Maassen, and provides an artful interpretation of the beauty and humanity at the heart of modern surf culture. Β 

A Sculpture You Can Ride

Ryan's boards are notorious for their abstract form

While the surf industry has reached a global scale (with mass-produced boards now available in Costco), at its heart, the deeper culture remains rooted in individual craftsmanship and local community. Board shaping is as old as the sport itself, and remains a powerful conduit for design and artistic vision.

In Search of Symmetry

Finishing a board can takes hours of patient assembly

Like a fine watch, a hand-shaped surfboard (most commonly sculpted from a single block of foam) can take hours of precise craftsmanship to perfect the lines and symmetry of the design. Of course, as with watches and fine art, part of the ultimate appeal of a great board is the inevitable imperfections that are a part of any hand-built object. Β 

Shaped by the Ocean

It takes a great wave to test a great board.

While handmade surfboards might look great on dry land, their true beauty can only be appreciated on a wave. In this sense, the skill and craftsmanship required by a master shaper like Ryan Lovelace is also based around a deep connection with the natural environment. A great board concept on land might fail in the ocean. And Ryan's ability to constantly confront this challenge and adapt his work to the natural surroundings are what make his sculptures truly great.

RYAN LOVELACE was created by our friend Morgan Maassen.

Watches for the Everyday Ocean-Dweller

As avid surfers ourselves, we've always admired the work of Morgan Maassen and Ryan Lovelace. We were honored to work with them on this film, and to help communicate the unique appeal of surf culture with a wider community. We hope the film also serves a subtle reminder that Vaer watches are built to be worn in all conditions, whether it's surfing, fishing, or just working around the garage.


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