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Why do owners love the R1 Chronograph?

1) Hybrid Movement

"Possibly the best thing of all that distinguishes it from the offering of other top micro brands is the choice of movement. The mechanical quartz movement on a chronograph is an incredibly nice feature! Itโ€™s always the right time, itโ€™s incredibly durable and is going to be super inexpensive to maintenance, and best of all when you look at it you can barely tell itโ€™s not automatic."

Constantine K.| Verified Buyer

2) American Sourcing

"I have always been a "buy American" type of person, and I am so happy to finally be able to buy a watch that is mostly American made. It is amazing to me that you can buy an American assembled watch, that's rated to 100m, with a sapphire glass crystal for less than $300!"

Malcolm S.ย | Verified Buyer

3) Iconic Aesthetics

"I canโ€™t say enough good things about this watch. Itโ€™s my work watch and really is a joy to put on. The weight is perfect, bracelet feels nice and not too light and the face is incredible. The watch brings an overall feel of cool nostalgia and retro vibes. Paul Newman wouldโ€™ve sported this watch. Very happy with it as well as the incredible customer service."

Luke T.ย | Verified Buyer

Our Bestselling Chronograph

"If you're looking for a functional, durable, and historically informed chronograph for under $500, you're absolutely going to love the Vaer R1 chronograph."

- GQ Magazine

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