4 Ways Vaer Supports the Great Outdoors

4 Ways Vaer Supports the Great Outdoors

This Earth Day we wanted to highlight our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the great outdoors and share a few insights on what makes our watches durable, long-lasting and easy to repair and maintain.

Here are Four Ways Vaer Helps support a planet-friendly business model:

1) Responsible Product Choices

In our opinion, one of the best ways to respect the environment is to invest in quality products that will last for years of daily use. We were inspired to start Vaer back in 2016, because we saw that most watches in the $100-$500 range re-enforced a “throwaway” mindset and cut a lot of corners when it came to durability.

a) Sapphire vs. Mineral Crystal:

At Vaer Watches, we prioritize the quality and durability of our timepieces, which is why we choose sapphire crystal for all of our watches. Unlike mineral crystal, which is commonly used by many budget brands, sapphire crystal offers superior scratch resistance, ensuring that your watch remains unblemished and clear. Mineral crystal, though cheaper, is much more prone to scratches, which can degrade the look of the watch over time and affect its readability under various lighting conditions.

b) Back Loading vs. Front Loading Cases:

We employ a backloading assembly technique for our watches, which we believe is superior to front-loading used by many fashion brands like MVMT and Daniel Wellington. Backloading allows the entire movement and dial to be inserted through the back of the watch case, ensuring that repairs and upgrades can be done easily and effectively.

This is because the caseback opening is designed to be larger, providing ample space for maintenance without damaging the integrity of the watch. In contrast, front-loaded watches often feature a dial that is larger than the caseback opening, making it nearly impossible to repair or upgrade the watch without breaking the watch crystal. This design flaw in front-loading can render watches irreparable, leading to increased costs and inconvenience for the owner. By choosing backloading, Vaer ensures that our watches are not only built to last but also maintainable over time, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

c) Waterproof Straps vs. Cheap Leather Straps:

One of our biggest pet peeves at Vaer is when brands market their watches as "adventure-ready," yet pair them with flimsy leather straps that fall apart at the first sign of water. We find this misleading and impractical.

For most people if the strap fails, the watch fails - and the lack of durable straps in the watch industry is a huge source of unnecessary waste. That's why we ensure all our watches are equipped with a durable, waterproof strap right out of the box and we offer our customers the freedom to choose a second strap that best suits their lifestyle.

2) Supporting Conservation Through 1% for the Planet

As long-standing members of 1% for the Planet, we ensure that each purchase contributes directly to preserving the wilderness and wildlife that form the backdrop of our favorite activities, such as surfing, fishing and skiing/snowboarding. These initiatives allow us to support the conservation organizations that work tirelessly to maintain the habitats and natural resources we all cherish.

3) Our Preowned Store - Upcycling and Reusing Watch Components

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our careful approach to our manufacturing, fulfillment, and watch repair. Vaer’s pre-owned program exemplifies this, as we continuously reuse and upcycle our watches. By doing so, we reduce waste and extend the life of the materials we use, aligning with our philosophy of thoughtful consumption and respect for the resources used to make each watch and strap.

4) Building Products That Can Take a Beating

Our watches are designed to accompany you on all your adventures. Whether you’re paddling out for a surf, angling in a cold mountain river or simply taking a walk in the woods, our watches are built to endure whatever comes their way. This durability not only ensures reliability in the most demanding environments but also supports sustainable buying practices by favoring quality and longevity.

The true test of any Vaer watch comes from its performance outdoors. Made for the elements, our watches are reliable partners in all your environmental explorations. They are built to be worn in the sun, rain, snow, and even the ocean floor. This durability ensures that you can enjoy time exploring our natural world, and feel confident that your timekeeping tool is designed in harmony with the spaces and places you love, and in a small way, serves to promote and protect the importance of our wild spaces.

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