First Look: Our New 2024 R1 Chronograph Collection

First Look: Our New 2024 R1 Chronograph Collection

Today we're thrilled to share with our community the next chapter in our efforts to build the ideal everyday Chronograph, in the continued expansion of our popular R1 collection. These new timepieces is not just a product of meticulous engineering and design but a celebration of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in American watchmaking.

The upcoming R1 Rally, R1 Oceanracer and R1 Tactical represents a significant milestone for us at Vaer, embodying our journey toward achieving a unique blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It's a nod to the adventurous spirit that drives us, inspired by the bold and daring world of American racing. With the R1, we've ventured to create a watch that isn't just an instrument of time but a statement piece that reflects the identity of its wearer and the values of our brand.

On March 26th 2024 we will be releasing the following 3 designs for $399:

1. R1 Rally ChronoBuilding around the proportions of our popular 40mm field case, the R1 Rally delivers a heavy dose of retro charm in a compelling all-purpose tool watch package.

2. R1 OceanracerThe R1 Oceanracer blends the colorful vintage dial of our chrono designs with the rugged in-water functionality of our bestselling divers. This design will be available in 38mm and 42mm sizing.

3. R1 TacticalThe R1 Tactical delivers on a simple proposition - blend the very best aspects of our top selling PVD field watches with the added function, flair (and lume glow) of our chronograph timekeepers.

Functionality and Technical Specifications:

These new R1 USA Chronographs are a testament to the functional sophistication that modern watch enthusiasts demand. At its core, the hybrid chronograph function stands out, offering precision timing that's essential, not just on the racing track but in the day-to-day lives of our customers. 

In terms of technical specifications, all three R1s are powered by a reliable VK-63 meca-quartz movement that guarantees accuracy and longevity.  The sapphire crystal that protects the watch dial is a testament to our dedication to durability and clarity. It's incredibly resistant to scratches, ensuring that the watch remains pristine, regardless of the adventures it undergoes.

Water resistance is another cornerstone of the R1's design. Understanding the importance of a truly versatile watch, we've ensured that the R1 is rated to 10ATM and features a screwdown crown.

It can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, including swimming, surfing, and diving, making it a reliable companion for the modern explorer. This feature is not merely an addition but a core aspect of the watch's identity, reflecting our commitment to creating products that fit seamlessly into the active lifestyles of our customers.

The design of the R1, with its distinct nod to the flair and charisma of the racing world, features bold colors and striking contrasts. This design philosophy represents our desire to break free from the constraints of tradition, offering something unique and eye-catching. The watch's aesthetics are a blend of vintage inspiration and contemporary innovation, designed to appeal to those who value both style and substance.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of American craftsmanship, in the importance of sustainability and durability, and in the joy of creating products that inspire adventure and exploration. The R1 is a celebration of these beliefs, a milestone in our journey, and, we hope, a beacon for the future of watchmaking.

To our community, the R1 is our promise – a promise to continue pushing the boundaries, to remain true to our ethos of quality and innovation, and to always celebrate the spirit of adventure that defines us all. We're excited to share this journey with you and to see where the road leads.

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