Backorder Information

We do allow orders to be placed despite being on back order. You should be able to see whether your item is on back-order by seeing whether there is a “back-order” tag on the product page. We do our best to update this list as often as possible along with estimated stock dates. At this time you will not get a message notifying you that you selected a back ordered item, so confirmation email doesn't necessarily mean in stock.

All Watches

Our team is working hard to keep up with order demand, as all watches are currently being assembled to order in the USA. There is a back-order list, and your watch be assembled and shipped 10-14 business days from order date. 



Quick Release Straps

A classic-style two piece watch strap

Our Quick release straps are made from two separate pieces of strap material, each fixed to the watch with a quick release spring bar (no tools necessary). Two piece straps allow the watch to wear much lower, as there is no strap material between the watch and your wrist. Most watches on the market are worn with these types of two piece straps, so if you’re not sure which to choose, this is probably the route you’ll be most comfortable with. Available in Nylon, Silicone, and Horween Leather.


Single Pass Straps

A military style one piece watch strap

Our single pass straps are made from a single piece of strap material, so they easily slide in and out of the watch spring bars. Because the straps slide under both spring bars, this is the most durable solution - if a spring bar ever fails, the watch will still be connected to the watch by the second spring bar. Available in Nylon and Horween Leather.”