Can I surf and swim with this watch?

Yes! Vaer Watches are depth rated to 100m (10ATM), so you can surf, swim, and dive, no problem. We use small rubber gaskets to create an airtight seal on the glass, case-back and crown. If you’re going in the water you just need to make sure that the screw-down crown is fully tightened to maintain the seal.

How do I change the watch bands?

Our watch bands utilize a NATO ‘pass-through’ design which is common on watches intended for ocean use. Unlike a traditional watch strap, which is made of two pieces firmly attached to the case, our straps are made of a single piece that slides in and out of the watch case. To install the band, simply slide the strap through each of the two springbars. Take the tag end, and slide it back through the hanging back to secure the strap.

There is extra band hanging out of the buckles, what do I do?

Our Nylon bands are designed with extra length in order to fit over a wetsuit. When worn on your wrist simply fold the extra length back into the keepers.

What is the case size?

The case size is 40mm, with a 9mm thickness.

What is the band (lug) width?

The lug width is 20mm

Where are the watches made?

The 18 individual components of the watch are sourced worldwide. The watch movements are Swiss, the case and pieces are sourced in Asia. Full assembly and testing is done in Los Angeles, CA.

Does my watch have lume?

There is subtle lume on the watch hands for reading in the dark, but not lume on the indices themselves.

What is 1% for the Planet?

Vaer is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. It is a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. 1% of all revenue is donated to a variety of environment non-profits. For more info, visit 1% For the Planet

What is Sapphire Crystal?

We’ve built out watches with a Sapphire Crystal, which the highest quality watch crystal material. It offers increased scratch resistance and durability over mineral crystal.

Can my spring bars be replaced or removed?

The metal pins that hold in the watch band can be taken in and out if you’d like to install a different style band. If you happen to lose a springbar, shoot us an email, and we can send a replacement!

Why are my spring bars bent?

We designed our watches with curved spring bars to make it easier to slide our Vaer Leather Straps in and out of the case. These springbars are perfectly fitted and custom curved for our watches, so that there is no issue with strength or durability.

What type of movement does this watch have?

Our watches use a Swiss Ronda 763 Quartz movement.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life is up to 36 months. When your battery dies, they can be easily changed at any watch shop — the size is No. 364, which is commonly carried around the world.

If I order from outside the United States, will there be additional taxes or tariffs?

Your country may require you to pay import fees, customs, duties and value added taxes (VAT), etc. which is not included in the price and shipping cost listed on our website. These charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Vaer can not replace or offer refunds for orders which are abandoned due to non-payment of taxes and fees required by your country.