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"At the intersection of timeless design and rugged durability, Vaer's affordable watches are great for everyday wear regardless of your lifestyle."

- Uncrate

Worn and Wound

"Vaer's take on the field watch is simple and tasteful... they're not trying to re-invent the wheel, and the owners clearly have a respect for the industry they're tapping into."

Just One More Watch

"You don't often see a screwdown crown on a Field Watch, and it's especially impressive that Vaer is willing to offer a waterproof warranty on all their watches."

Gear Patrol

The A5 Field’s lightweight construction and slim build in combination with the strap options make it feel like a second skin. In this way, it serves as an ideal field watch.


"Vaer's impeccable looking field watches are assembled in America, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive watch for a more affordable price."

Casual Watch Reviewer

"Vaer operates with the thinking that you're going to have this watch for a long time, and so they've chosen robust movements with impressive longevity. "

Relative Time

"Vaer has created a compelling one watch solution that allows you to tackle whatever life throws at you, and do it with a bit of style. I think they did a great job."


C5 Field White - USA Quartz


C5 Field White - USA Quartz


A5 Field White - USA Auto


C5 Classic Navy - USA Quartz



1000+ Compelling Reviews

A lot of brands have customer reviews, here at Vaer we have customer essays. Below are a few of our favorite pieces of writing from our owners about their experience with our company.

Relfecting on Two Years with the Vaer C5

I don't write many reviews; probably less than 10 in my whole life. I'm like Ron Swanson, where my recommendation is a personal guarantee of my experience. I've had the C5 field black quartz watch for maybe two years now before the site was updated and they had automatic watches. During this time small independent businesses need the respect and reviews they deserve, whether good or bad. I live in Colorado and see myself as a somewhat active person. I'm outside regularly for fun with lots of hobbies and I hit the gym roughly 4 days a week.

I'm the beginning I was cycling this watch with about two others. I wore the nato strap mostly and shuffled in the leather strap for going out. I did this for a while and really enjoyed this watch with the leather strap specifically and got many compliments. Aside from others I enjoyed this watch myself significantly. Then when the silicon straps came out a little bit ago the game was changed. Silicon straps are much more comfortable on the wrist for everyday wear to the majority of people. Plus their straps have many "latching holes" which offer more adjustability even furthering specific comfort. What about the durability of the watch? Day in and day out its been strapped on my wrist. I boat with this watch. I hang out in rivers with this watch. Used it in a chemical lab daily as I'm a chemist. I've gotten rained on, snowed on, been in blistering heat, fully submerged this watch, been rammed by some testy goats I was trying to help, and sported it out on the town for some inebriated shenanigans where who knows what happened to it happened.

As soon as the silicon band came out this watch became my only watch. I literally have only worn a dress watch three other times since having it. I try and keep my possessions in as good a shape as possible so that helps, but I could probably sell this watch to someone as if I've only had it for a month. I'm OCD and every once and a while sync my watch with an atomic clock and it holds very well. There's no need to worry about the accuracy. With all of this said of course I've only had the watch for about two years, and I only have sample size of one watch, but my watch has performed above my expectations enduring, at times, some strenuous conditions. Early on I even had some questions about the single pass leather strap and the owner responded promptly and was as helpful as you could hope. Other people's watches mileage might differ but hopefully I can come back here in another 5 years and write an even better review. If you're on the verge of pulling the trigger on this watch just do it. I was you two years ago and I pity you for not having it for as long as I have.

Eric S. in Colorado

A Mistake Corrected, An Advocate Won

Sometime in February as the coronavirus pandemic in the US got underway, I ordered an automatic blue dial VAER watch, which I anxiously awaited. When the box arrived, I put it in the quarantine area of our garage for a couple of days. When I opened it, I was surprised that instead of an automatic watch I had received a quartz watch. I contacted VAER and within a day I got an email apologizing for the mistake. After a couple of email exchanges between VAER and me, we agreed on a reasonable and safe way to get me the watch I had originally ordered. It arrived a week later. Wow! What a beautiful watch! I ordered a silicone and a nylon strap.

The watch’s weight is just right and the Miyota automatic movement is beautiful to look at. It is possible to stop the “seconds” hand at the 12 o’clock mark for synchronization (this is called hacking), which I did to check how well the watch keeps time. Over the last two weeks, it has lost about 15 seconds only. The thing is that some days it goes a few seconds fast and some days it goes a bit slow. In the end, these cancel each other out (this is true of many high-quality mechanical watches). Net result: The watch keeps time very well.

The watch is very well made; the crown, the weakest part of any watch, screws in which makes the watch amazingly good for use in water. The sapphire case back and front are great and add a touch of elegance to the beautiful face and movement. The straps are super high quality. While I prefer the silicone strap because it feels more comfortable, the nylon straps are robust and extremely well made.

This is a well-made watch assembled by very meticulous individuals whose attention to detail shows in the simple yet elegant box and the document of authenticity and owner’s pamphlet enclosed within. Communicating with the company is easy and effortless. VAER’s website is informative and simple to navigate. Yes, you could buy a more expensive watch but at VAER’s various and streamlined pricepoints, these watches are a great value. One cannot go wrong with a VAER.

Fernando N. in New York

Feedback from a Few Rolex Owners

I wore my VAER watch on a recent hike on the 300-mile Lake Superior Hiking Trail. The trail follows Lake Superior’s Arrowhead shoreline on the East while meandering through its Coastal Forests on the West. My VAER balked at thunderstorms, rainy campgrounds, muddy river washings and the many daily drinking water stops where both hands were in creeks and rivers filtering water into my Nalgene. My VAER Classic proved to be necessary gear on the trail yet remains to be stylish and sophisticated back home. I love wearing it. A side note: My Rolex and other watches have been in my safe since acquiring my VAER.

Jim K. in Alaska

I purchased the Classic and have had it for 4 days now. I am very excited about this purchase mainly because of the quality. I collect watches namely Patek Phillippe, Rolex, Omega and IWC. I’ve been collecting for over 20 years and this is only my second quartz. I am so amazed at the build quality and finishes that rival many of the much more expensive automatics. This watch hasn’t lost a second since I synced it. Changing of the bands is a huge bonus, can dress up or for daily wear. I haven’t taken this watch off since I received it, super comfortable and simple. I just ordered a Field Watch this morning based on the quality and craftsmanship of the Classic. It’s great that it’s assembled in the USA. All I can say is this is one great company and will definitely do more business with them in the future. Thanks guys for your attention to detail.

James S. in Indiana

It’s been about 1.5 months since I received my watch. Simply put, I love it. I literally haven’t taken it off since it arrived. (My Rolexes are quarantining now too.). You deliver what your promise: the perfect watch to wear at all times. It’s the perfect watch for WFH, the beach, swimming with family, and living. Keep doing what you’re doing. Vaer is the best watch for the money and the best watch for the summer.

Josh N. in New York

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