1. The Vaer 316L stainless steel bracelet is installed with custom solid end links designed for a seamless fit against the casewall of your watch. While all of our bracelets are fitted for 20mm lugs, and are interchangeable between case collections (i.e. D5 & D7) they are not seamlessly interchangeable between Vaer watches of a different case style, due to the variable position of the lug holes and case profile.

2. The Vaer bracelet is installed by compressing the spring bars on each end link and aligning them with the lug holes on your watch. Due to the form fit of the steel end link, installing the bracelet requires more dexterity than other straps, and we recommend setting the watch face down on a table top before guiding the bracelet into place.

3. To adjust the size of the bracelet you will need to remove sections of the steel links (marked by the small arrows stamped on the steel). Unless you a have a proper toolkit, we recommend taking your bracelet to a local jeweler or watch shop for help. Once you have a close fit through the removal of links, you can make micro-adjustments by choosing one of four positions for the bracelet to attached to the dive-style clasp.