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Why do owners love our watches?

1) Iconic Aesthetics

"This watch's dial immediately caught my eye. It features a vintage design, with varied-width indices adding an artisan touch. The red date marker every 4th day is a unique detail. The case finishing looks impressive from all angles. The D5 Tropic is both sporty and elegant."

Dave B.| Verified Buyer

2) American Sourcing

"I love everything about the Vaer D5 Tropic watch: automatic movement, American brand, and assembled in the USA, too. A real all-rounder for me!"

Laurence R.Β | Verified Buyer

3) Stellar Build Quality

"My D5 has held up perfectly through backpacking in the GSM, scuba diving in Jamaica on my honeymoon, as well as its fair share of desk diving and banging on door frames. This is my first automatic watch and definitely one of my favorites."

Alex D.Β | Verified Buyer

Our Bestselling Automatic Diver

"Best Dress Watches under $1000"

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Feet of Water Resistance

Our watches are perfect for swimming, surfing and diving.


Five-Star Reviews

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