A Love of Metalwork and Motorsport

In the fall of 2020, we took a trip south from Venice to the working-class enclave of Oceanside, California to spend the day with metalworker and motorcycle enthusiast Austin Dixon. We followed Austin through his typical day, from a morning surf, to a long-afternoon at his welding workshop, and then finishing the trip with a mind-clearing motorcycle tour through the twisting mountain roads at sunset.

A Life-Long Pursuit of the Open Road

Austin has been riding motorcycles since a child.

Austin got his first dirt bike when he was just a kid, and since those early days has maintained a deep passion for riding, repairing, and modifying motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. While he's bought and sold dozens of bikes over the years, his connection with each one is very personal - a connection born from hundreds of hours of work in the garage, and lifelong memories on the road.

Fueling a Passion for Creative Metal Work

Customizing bikes opened up a career path.

Austin's exposure to metal working tools that his used building bike accessories eventually translated into a new passion: custom metal work. He's slowly built up a client list, and today, has worked on dozens of projects from custom household furniture, commercial fabrication for stores and restaurants around San Diego.

Maintaining a Lifestyle of Self-Sufficiency

Craftsmanship has helped maintain a sense of freedom.

Self-employment has its perks, and Austin certainly provides some proof. While he's worked hard to get where he is today, he's also always prioritized the importance of a work-life balance, and spending time in the outdoors - whether that's a solo morning surf or a weekend bike trip with friends.

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