Watch Care

Screw Down Crown and Time Changing - Your VAER watch is built with a screw down crown design. This feature enhances the watch’s water resistance, so you can surf, swim, and get wet without worries. In order to change the time, first unscrew the crown counterclockwise. Once the crown is disengaged from the threading, pull it out until you feel a click. You will then be able to twist the crown and adjust the time as needed. Once done adjusting the time, click the crown back in, and then rotate clockwise while pressing in. It is critical that the crown is screwed down after changing the time, as this will ensure that water is sealed out. Do not over-tighten the crown. When tightening crown, spin until you hit soft resistance, then turn the crown an additional 1/8 turn to achieve a perfect seal.

Leather Band - While your leather strap is built to weather the years, we do recommend against taking it in water. If you’re going to go in the water with your watch, throw on the nylon strap, and you’re good to go. In order to install the leather strap, slide it through the springbars, starting at the top of the watch. Position the watch on the strap between the buckle and the buckle holes. Your strap will develop patina over time. Enjoy, each one is unique.

Nylon Band - Your nylon strap is made to take a beating. After using it in salt water or sweating, rinse it out with fresh water and you’re good to go. In order to install the strap, slide the strap through the watch springbars, starting at the top of the watch. Buckle the strap and thread the loose end through the leather fold. Fold the loose end and return back into the keeper buckle .Tuck the strap under the buckle fold as far as possible to hide it neatly.

Warranty - Your VAER watch is covered by a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. If your watch has any issues within this period, reach out to our team and we can help to get it resolved. The warranty does not cover damage from misuse (impact related issues and water issues from leaving the screw down crown open). It is critical that the screw down crown is sealed before use in water.


Quick Release Strap

Classic-style two piece watch strap

Our Quick Release Straps are fixed to the watch with a quick release spring bar (no tools necessary). Two piece straps allow a closer fit to the wrist, and generally a more comfortable experience. If you’re not sure which to choose, this is probably the best option. Available in Nylon, Silicone, and Horween Leather.

160mm to 220mm
6.2 inches to 8.6 inches

Single Pass Strap

Military-style one piece watch strap

Our single pass straps are made from a single piece of material, so they easily slide in and out of the watch. Because the straps slide under both spring bars, this is the most durable solution - if a spring bar ever fails, the watch will still be connected to the watch by the second spring bar. Available in Nylon and Horween Leather.

150mm to 230mm
5.8 inches to 9 inches
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