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Our ocean-ready quartz watches offer incredible functionality and features at an accessible price point. The collection includes our entry-level S5 - Standard Issue, and our best-selling C5 - USA Custom Built quartz, which are available with your choice of either two quick-release, or two single-pass straps.


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S3 Standard Issue Field - 36mm QuartzS3 Standard Issue Field - 36mm Quartz
C5 Field Black Quartz - 40mm USAC5 Field Black Quartz - 40mm USA
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C5 Design White - 40mm USA QuartzC5 Design White - 40mm USA Quartz
C5 Design White - 40mm USA Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 209
S5 Calendar Field Black - 40mm QuartzS5 Calendar Field Black - 40mm Quartz
S3 Calendar Field Black - 36mm QuartzS3 Calendar Field Black - 36mm Quartz
S5 Calendar Field White - 40mm QuartzS5 Calendar Field White - 40mm Quartz
S3 Calendar Field White - 36mm QuartzS3 Calendar Field White - 36mm Quartz
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C3 Atlas Black - 36mm USA QuartzC3 Atlas Black - 36mm USA Quartz
C3 Atlas Black - 36mm USA Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 270 Regular price$ 299
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S5 Tactical Field - 40mm QuartzS5 Tactical Field - 40mm Quartz
S5 Tactical Field - 40mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 199
S3 Tactical Field - 36mm Quartz
A5 Tactical Field - 40mm USA AutoA5 Tactical Field - 40mm USA Auto
C5 Tactical Field Solar - 40mm USAC5 Tactical Field Solar - 40mm USA
S5 Tradition - 40mm QuartzS5 Tradition - 40mm Quartz
S5 Tradition - 40mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 159
S3 Tradition - 36mm QuartzS3 Tradition - 36mm Quartz
S3 Tradition - 36mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 159