Gallery - Spring 2021

Into the Unknown

An Expedition in Northern Iceland with Elli Thor & Steve Lewis

The Watches They're Wearing

This overland expedition demanded the bare-essentials as Elli and Steve carried all of their gear on their backs, and on sleds. The Vaer Watches they chose balanced in-water function and streamlined form. Both used the highly capable D5 Divers on land, and opted for the lightweight and compact C3 Korean Field watch for under their 5mm thick arctic wetsuits.

D5 - Atlantic Diver


C3 - Korean Field Watch


D5 - Arctic Diver


The Perfect Outdoor Watch

Whether you're planning your own arctic surf expedition, or just looking for a timeless and well-built watch you can trust around the water, Vaer has what you're looking for.


Water Resistance Rating

All Vaer watches are ocean-ready. Our Divers go even further to 20ATM.


Domed Crystal

All watches feature a scratch resistant crystal, and optional sapphire caseback.


Assembly and Testing

The watches from this shoot were assembled and water-resistance tested in America.