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Honoring the Tradition of Military Timekeeping

1) Dirty Dozen

"Quite possibly the most famous military field watch of all time, the WW2 "Dirty Dozen" is an iconic collection of service watches from twelve historic Swiss brands. Compact, legible, and waterproof this design was on the wrist of soldiers during the most decisive moments of the European campaign. Our version, is an authentic homage to the 1940s design spec, borrowing elements from across the original lineup to create a fitting "13th model" to complement the core collection."

Ryan Torres.| Vaer Co-Founder

2) Korean Field

"Unlike the service watches of WW2, which have a range of modern interpretations and homages, the timepieces of the Korean War have largely been forgotten. We built the Korean Field to help remedy this imbalance, and serve as a reminder of the service and sacrifice of the allied forces in this conflict. Unlike most military homage pieces, the Korean Field is functional and affordable thanks to its USA-built solar-quartz movement."

Reagan Cook.Β | Vaer Co-Founder

3) D5 Meridian

"In designing the D4 Meridian our goal was to pay homage to the history of military dive watches while also further establishing a distinct and modern Vaer aesthetic. This watch's dial design and bezel are inspired by Rolex and Doxa military divers from the 1970s - and the case is inspired by the military issue Omega Seamaster."

Ryan Torres.Β | Vaer Co-Founder

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