Installation Guide

Slide-Through Watch Bands

Your Vaer watch comes standard with two curved springbars which are designed to allow our pass-through bands to easily slide in and out of the case. The 20mm bars are spring-loaded, locked into two small notches on the lugs of the watch. While the bars are tested to withstand over 100lbs of direct tension, they are also removable when the spring lock is released.

Unlike a traditional watch strap, which is made of two pieces firmly attached to the case, our pass-through straps are made of a single piece that slides through the springbars. To install the band, slide it through each of the two springbars. If you’re installing a Vaer Nylon band, feed the tag end through the metal loop on the understrap to secure the watch in place.

Our Nylon bands are designed with extra length in order to fit over a wetsuit. For this reason, there may be additional length extending from the last metal keeper when worn on your wrist. This is normal for dive-style nylon bands. Simply, fold the extra length and feed the tag end back into the keepers until it is firmly in place.

Installation Guide

Quick-Release Watch Bands

Your Vaer watch comes with two curved springbars pre-installed for easy use with our nylon bands. If you ordered our American-made quick-release Horween Leather band, you will first need to remove the two spring-loaded bars attached to the watch. This can be done with your hands, but we highly recommend using tweezers, pliers, or scissors to simplify the process.

To remove the springbars, pinch the bar at the point where it comes in contact with the lugs of the watch case. Maintain a firm grip on this section of the metal, and pull the spring downward. This will release the bar from the divot in the watch, and allow for easy removal. To re-install the bars, reverse this process by guiding the bar into the divot and allowing the spring to lock in place.

Before installing, ensure the two leather pieces are properly aligned. The piece with the buckle should be position at the top of the watch. To attach the bands, position the end of the bar into the divot on the lugs and pull back the small metal knob on the opposite end to engage the spring. Align the loose end of the bar into the second divot, and release the tension of the spring to lock the band in place.