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Vaer is an independently owned, self-financed American small business - which means our bottom line depends on a very simple goal: to deliver exceptional value to our customers. Our owner reviews are a glimpse into how we've delivered on this goal, and we hope that they will be helpful in making your own purchase decision.

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An Avid Outdoorsman

"The watch equivalent of a pair of Made in USA Japanese selvedge jeans."

GQ Magazine

A Detail Minded Designer

"USA Craftsmanship in a sea of foreign-built timepieces."

Cool Material

A Veteran Collector

"The founders clearly have a respect for the history theyโ€™re tapping into."

Worn & Wound

When you consider Vaerโ€™s commitment to making rugged but attractive โ€œoutdoorโ€ watches, the decision to make a Dirty Dozen homage part of their initial mechanical offering makes a lot of sense. An issued watch, in many ways, is the ultimate outdoor watch. It has to contend with obstacles far more difficult to predict than todayโ€™s sports watches, while maintaining perfect legibility and reliability.

A Diverse and Growing Community

Our community is incredibly diverse, but a common trait is a research-oriented mindset and an ability to appreciate real product value. The best evidence of this expertise is our customer reviews, which are detailed, sophisticated and filled with a near endless list of unique ownership experiences.


Water Resistance Rating

All Vaer watches are ocean-ready. Our divers are designed for the very limits of real-world depth exposure.


Double-Domed Crystal

All Dive watches feature a scratch-resistant double domed crystal to protect the dial from damage and impact.


Assembly and Testing

Our C5, A5 & D5 models are assembled and tested in America. Our A7, A12 & D7 models are Swiss Made.

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We believe the best products are those that you can count on for years of everyday wear - from office, to ocean, to overseas travel. While luxury items have their time and place, we've built our watch collection for those who want a beautiful, well-built watch that they never have to worry about.

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Whether you're planning your own diving expedition, or just looking for a timeless and well-built watch you can trust around the water, Vaer has what you're looking for.