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Why do owners love our watches?

1) Perpetual Power

"Received my DS4 roughly two weeks ago and it’s gorgeous. Very impressed with the craftsmanship and details. Really love the premium steel bracelet paired with the vintage diver look. The solar powered movement and quality design ensure this adventure piece will be on the wrist for years and years to come!"

Matthew S.| Verified Buyer

2) Made for the Water

"Took my new D4 Solar USA to Bonaire for 20 shore dives. Exposed it to sand, tanks, salt water and 100 feet of gorgeous ocean depth. Wore the black band. Flawless. Not a scratch. Waterproof. Twisted the dive bezel while at surface of ocean. Rinsed in shower. Love it! It replaced a V7 Subskipper that I dove with for 20 years. Looking forward for 20 more years!"

Matthew K.| Verified Buyer

3) American Sourcing

"I have always been a "buy American" type of person, and I am so happy to finally be able to buy a watch that is mostly American made. It is amazing to me that you can buy an American assembled watch, that's rated to 100m, with a sapphire glass crystal for less than $300!"

Malcolm S.Β | Verified Buyer

Our Bestselling Solar-Field Watch

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Our Bestselling Solar-Dive Watch

"The Best Solar Watches to Harness the Sun to Power Up Your Style"

- GQ Magazine


Feet of Water Resistance

Our watches are perfect for swimming, surfing and diving.


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