Standard Issue Watches

An introduction to Vaer durability in a streamlined design. The S-series collection combines value and functionality, offering dive-level water resistance and a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. This line-up represents our effort to merge rugged durability with a truly timeless design at the most affordable price possible.  


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S5 Tactical Field - 40mm QuartzS5 Tactical Field - 40mm Quartz
S5 Tactical Field - 40mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 199
S3 Tactical Field - 36mm Quartz
S5 Calendar Field Black - 40mm QuartzS5 Calendar Field Black - 40mm Quartz
S5 Field White - 40mm QuartzS5 Field White - 40mm Quartz
S5 Field White - 40mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 179
S3 Calendar Field Black - 36mm QuartzS3 Calendar Field Black - 36mm Quartz
S3 Calendar Field White - 36mm QuartzS3 Calendar Field White - 36mm Quartz
DS4 Meridian Black - Solar 38mmDS4 Meridian Black - Solar 38mm
DS4 Meridian Black - Solar 38mm Sale priceFrom $ 259
DS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 38mmDS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 38mm
DS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 38mm Sale priceFrom $ 259
DS4 Meridian Tactical - Solar 38mmDS4 Meridian Tactical - Solar 38mm
Sold out
DS4 Meridian Black - Solar 42mmDS4 Meridian Black - Solar 42mm
DS4 Meridian Black - Solar 42mm Sale priceFrom $ 259
Sold out
S3 Tradition - 36mm QuartzS3 Tradition - 36mm Quartz
S3 Tradition - 36mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 159
Sold out
DS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 42mmDS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 42mm
DS4 Meridian Navy - Solar 42mm Sale priceFrom $ 259
Sold out
S5 Tradition - 40mm QuartzS5 Tradition - 40mm Quartz
S5 Tradition - 40mm Quartz Sale priceFrom $ 159