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1) Perpetual Power

This is a wonderful watch at a great price point. The 36mm size is perfect for my 7" wrist. The solar movement is just what I was looking for. It is keeping perfect time, not a second gained or lost over the two weeks I've had it and I can count on it to maintain its charge over the long haul in the brilliant sunshine of Hawaii. The sunshine also gives me great lume performance. That makes this the perfect EDC watch.

Siegfried R.| Verified Buyer

2) Made for the Water

"Bought a watch from Costco that was supposed to be waterproof and it leaked. Decided to try Vaer, and love it. This is the best watch I have ever owned. I have three bands; one for surfing, one for working and the upgraded stainless steel for weekends, it’s like having 3 watches in 1."

Arturo A.| Verified Buyer

3) American Sourcing

"I have always been a "buy American" type of person, and I am so happy to finally be able to buy a watch that is mostly American made. It is amazing to me that you can buy an American assembled watch, that's rated to 100m, with a sapphire glass crystal for less than $300!"

Malcolm S. | Verified Buyer

Our Bestselling Solar Dive Watch

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Feet of Water Resistance

Our watches are perfect for swimming, surfing and diving.


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